GG Pool Pre-Official Launch

GG Pool Pre-Official Launch is here! We invite you to join our Chia Pool, and we are currently offering 0 Fees.

You may join our pool using one of the following addresses;

GG Pool has its own private 1 PiB farm which we will bring into the pool immediately, and currently plotting to bring our farm to 2 PiB. Of course we hope this will help give the pool some regular rewards from the day 1 of launch! GG Pool operates on the Official Chia Pooling Protocol.

Your launcher ID will provide you the essential information, and include information on each harvester such as Estimated Space & Status.

GG Pool Harvester Information

We hope to build a nice community on discord. Join us to talk about the GG Pool, Chia rigs, Chia plotting, Chia farming, price discussions, Q&A, and much more!




Chia farming updates

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